Courtyard Gates, Garden Gates, Custom Ornamental Iron Gates

Garden gates, iron gates, and courtyard gates create custom, attractive borders to surround your home. Iron Contractors of Santa Monica specialization in ornamental gates is sure to satisfy. Our design staff will go to work instantly to develop gates that reflect your tastes. Both our iron and wrought iron garden gates are useful security barriers, which also protect your home, family, and animals. No matter the type of gate you need, we can provide service that you’re bound to approve of. We supply both residential and commercial wrought iron gate applications. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the custom-made gates that we create specifically for you. Are you looking to enhance your landscaping? Look no further- we provide metal and iron garden gates that are perfect for your entire yard.

Our custom-designed, ornamental steel gates are as sturdy as they are beautiful. When looking for an iron gate to complement the landscape of your home, you may be interested in contacting the Iron Contractors of Santa Moinca design staff. They will help you choose the best iron gate for your needs. Wrought iron gates provide a timeless beauty that will never be out of style. Our gates are created out of the same materials that we use to produce our iron doors, railings, and fencing.

Do we offer other types of wrought iron gates? (yes, see below)

What materials do we use for our ornamental and decorative wrought iron gates?

  • Aluminum: If weight is a factor then we commonly use aluminum.
  • Steel: We use steel for most driveway gate design because it is less expensive than wrought iron and will give the same look.
  • Wrought Iron: Wrought Iron driveway gates is typically the most expensive to fabricate and powder coat however with the most competitive pricing around we offer the best deals for Santa Monica.
  • Wood: Wood is used when we get special requests or if someone has their heart set on it.

You may ask yourself, “If I have columns already designed at my home can I add a gate to those columns?” Yes. In fact, we have experienced this many times in Santa Monica. If we are able to determine how the columns were initially built, we will be able to add a post to support your gate. This is the best way to support your gate without destroying the existing column.

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